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With CAVEX worm gear units/geared motors, we offer you a complete range of industrial worm gear units/geared motors in 18 frame sizes each with 7 designs. As a result of the unique gear tooth geometry (CAVEX gearing), torques of up to 360,000 Nm and efficiencies of up to 95% can be realized.

We offer ratios of up to an i of 30,000.

Feature Value Units
Max. motor power up to 200 KW
Torque up to 360,000 Nm
Ratio 5 to 30,000 [-]
Center distance 63 to 630 mm


The gear units/ geared motors are available in the following variants:

  • Variant as worm gear unit or worm geared motor
  • Flange or foot mounting variant
  • Variant with torque bracket
  • Solid or hollow shaft
  • Hollow shaft with fitted key connection or shrink disk
  • Drive input shaft at both sides
  • Drive output shaft at both sides
  • Drive output with reinforced bearings
  • Casing manufactured out of cast iron (GG-20) or ductile cast iron (GGG-40)
  • Worm gear set with increased precision (e.g. DUPLEX gearing)

Product advantages

  • Especially high torques and efficiencies as well as a long lifetime as a result of the unique gear tooth geometry
  • High ratios in the smallest space
  • Rugged design
  • Low noise
  • Individual and sector-specific solutions
  • In conformance with ATEX
  • Complete range of MODULOG-MOTORS principle

Sector solutions

Sectors Examples Advantages
People movers Elevator drives
Escalator drives
High system damping
Low noise
High power density
Especially rugged design
Mixers Cement mixers
Bitumen mixers
Design optimized to the mounting space
High overload capacity
Rugged design
Conveyor systems Belt drives High ratios
High overload capacity
Rotary drives Wastewater conditioning
Fan drives
Coffee roasters
Drum type filters
Paper finishing
High reliability
Overload capacity
High ratios
Steel industry Actuator and swivel drives
Roll adjustment gears
Slab drives
Crank drives
Special design for rugged environments
Maximum overload capability
High reliability
Solar technology Swivel drives High ratios
Overload capacity
Positioning accuracy

Thanks to worm gearing with a concave flank profile (hollow flank worm), paired with convex-shaped worm wheels, CAVEX worm gear units/geared motors are far superior to comparable gear units/geared motors with the same frame size.

This pairing of the gear teeth ensures that the flanks mesh better with one another and therefore permit a lower specific gear flank pressure (Hertzian pressure).

The result:

  • Higher torques
  • Best efficiencies
  • Longer lifetime through lower wear

As a result of the concave-convex pairing, the flank meshing of CAVEX gear teeth is significantly more favorable and therefore the Hertzian pressure is significantly lower than for other worm gears.

CAVEX – from the Latin concavus and convexus