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ZAPEX ZW Gear coupling


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The double-jointed gear couplings of the ZAPEX ZW series compensate angular, parallel and axial misalignment of shafts. They are particularly suitable for use under rough operating conditions. The series comprises 31 sizes of which many are available ex stock. In addition to the standard series, couplings up to 10,000,000 Nm can be offered.

Examples of application

  • Presses
  • Crushers
  • Mixers
  • Materials handling technology
  • Pumps

Advantages of the product

  • Low restoring forces in case of shaft misalignment
  • Suitable for both directions of rotation (reversing operation) and vertical installation
  • Long service life and minimum maintenance requirement as a result of reliable oil or grease lubrication of the gear teeth
  • Small dimensions owing to compact design for the use in confined spaces
  • Can be used for high shock loads; with large safety reserves
  • Can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres; certified acc. to 94/9/EC (ATEX 95)

FLENDER Torsionally rigid couplings

ZAPEX gear couplings are particularly suitable for rough operating conditions as occur, for example, in metallurgical engineering or in the cement industry. In addition, ZAPEX couplings stand out due to their power capacity combined with compact design.

ARPEX all-steel couplings are without circumferential backlash, suitable for high ambient temperatures, and especially for machines which must be operated with high precision. Examples are papermaking and printing machines.

Your benefits

Because of a multitude of series and sizes, drives with low, average, and high powers are covered and special customer requirements can be met
ARPEX all-steel couplings are independent of direction of rotation (suitable for reversing operation)
Available also for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (in conformity with directive 94/9/EC