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FLENDER Gear units

The portfolio of FLENDER gear units ranges from universal standard gear units through application-specific gear units to customer-specific solutions in nearly every sector of raw material production, industry, and further processing.

This range comprises helical and bevel-helical gear units, single-stage and multi-stage planetary gear units. Thanks to the different gear unit types and designs the series offer an almost unlimited variety of designs in a torque range from approx. 2,000 to 2,600,000 Nm.

The modular system enables extremely short delivery times. The main add-on parts are already included in the standard range which means that adapting a gear unit to the customer’s requirements does not affect the delivery time.

Your benefits

Can be universally used
Modular system
Fast availability worldwide
High power capacity

Well proven over decades in countless drive applications

FLENDER Gear units

Gear units (FZG)

Modern drive solutions have to withstand the most varied influences Details

Planetary gear units

With the Siemens FLENDER planetary gear unit series, Al-Terous provides also Details

Standard industrial gear units (SIG)

With this completely new SIEMENS FLENDER SIG Details

Planetary gear units (SPG)

With the Siemens FLENDER planetary gear unit series Details

Special Application gear units

Gear units for aerators

An aerator is an impeller in the biological part of a sewage Details

Gear units for belt conveyors

In open-cast mining, bulk material often has to be transported Details

Gear units for bucket elevators

Bucket elevators serve to vertically transport large masses Details

Gear units for crushers

Crushers reduce the size of the coarse pieces from the mine in one... Details

Gear units for reactors

The term "reactor" is used in the chemical industry to refer to special apparatus... Details

Gear units for rotary kilns

The rotary kiln is the core of lime and cement clinker Details

Gear units for ships

Consistent industry orientation, leading technology Details

Gear units for sugar mills

FLENDER gear units are used in the manufacturing process Details

Gear units for tube mills

With a power requirement of up to 30 MW, tube mills Details

Gear units for vertical mills

Vertical mills (such as bowl, roller grinding, ball-and-ring, and roller mills)... Details

Gear units for water screw pumps

The screw works according to the Archimedes principle Details

Gear units for wet cooling towers

The trickling of water in wet cooling towers is selectively controlled... Details