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HIMMEL geared motor program are mounted in single-, two- and three-stage design. They are available in foot or flange design for mounting in every position.
It has been designed to drive slow-drive machines. The construction principle ensures low noise and the minimized construction volume ensures a space saving drive solution.

Product range

  • Geared motors and geared units
  • Helical geared motors and geared units
  • Bevel helical geared motors and geared units
  • Parallel shaft geared motors and geared units
  • Helical worm geared motors and geared units
  • Worm gear units
  • FMB Variators
  • Conveyor drum motors


  • Cement, coal and ore
  • Sugar, food and beverage
  • Chemicals and environment
  • Materials handling
  • Crane technology
  • Plastics and rubber
  • Oil and gas
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Rolling mill technique



Helical geared motors

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Parallel shaft helical geared motors

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Helical bevel geared motors

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Helical worm geared motors

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Agitator geared motors

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Cooling tower geared motors

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Monorail geared motors

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Belt adjustment mechanism motors

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Frictional wheel geared motors

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FMB Chain adjustment mechanisms

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Three phase motors and single phase motors in flat design... Details