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KD 05.5 Penstock – Scissor

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Penstock is available in several sizes depending on the customers´s needs.
The Penstock is made of stainless steel and after working it is fully pickled to ensure optimum durability.
The Penstock is of a robust and simple construction ensuring limited maintenance and low running costs.

The gate shuts absolutely tight. This is possible due to the unique sealing system ensuring a long seal life, thanks to the “scissors” principle.

The scissors principle
When the gate is moved towards the bottom position, the vertical motion is transmitted into a
horizontal motion pressing the gate plate itself against the seal (see sketch below).

Conversely, the pressure against the seal will be reduced if the gate is raised a little. If the gate is raised still further, the gate plate will follow and the gate will be open.The scissors principle also ensures that the gate cannot get wedged.

The seal is made of EPDM rubber featuring great resistance to the aggressive substances that may be present in waste water.

The Penstocks are dimensioned for a water pressure of 5mVS as standard.

Operated method for Penstocks:

Operation and support bearing is mounted on a console, console can be designed in various ways:

By large dimensions the Penstock can be equipped with a Spiral Bevel gearbox and two spindle arrangements.

As standard the Penstock is made in AISI 304, and fully pickled after production to ensure optimum
durability. If an even better corrosion resistance is required, we can supply Penstocks made of acid-proof steel AISI 316 or SMO steel.

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