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KD 06 Covers/Manholes WWTP

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Recessed covers/manholes
We have developed a totally new and unique hinge bracket to ensure that covers can be opened and shut manually with very limited power (8-15 kg). The covers – manholes are available in standard sizes as well as being made to order!

Tailor-made for customer-specific assignments
DWE also provides individual cover-manholes solutions and we will always be able to find a solution to fit your requirements!

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Load Application – Covers – Manholse
2 kN Foot traffic
15 kN Places and footpaths primarily used by pedestrians and cyclists
125 kN Access roads associated with pedestrian zones and parking lots for cars.
250 kN For places with access for all types of vehicles, such as roads, emergency lanes, escape routes, pedestrian malls, car parks.
400 kN For footpaths and kerbs, where parking may occur. May reach max. 0.5 m into the roadway.
600 kN For places exposed to high wheel loads, such as docks, airports etc.
900 kN For places exposed to very high wheel loads, such as airports.