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Product Overview

KD 16.19 Runway Brush

More Information


The Runway Brush model KD 16.19 is used to clean the runway.

The suspension bracket makes it very easy to attach the brush to any peripherally driven scraper bridge model KD 16.
By simple adjustment bracket can be modified for other types of bridge constructions.The runway brush consists of a gear motor and a nylon brush that that is mounted on a bracket.

Through the rigging screw the height is adjusted, so nylon brush are constantly in contact with the runway brush.

The runway brush is controlled by the control cabinet on the scraper bridge, which has been prepared for this.


Teknical specifications
Gear motor, make Nord Gear
Power 0.55 kW
Voltage / protection 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz / IP55
Speed 66 r/min
Material Dip-pickled, stainless steel