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Product Overview

KD 23 Tank Covers

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Danish Wastewater Equipment A/S has projected, manufactured and mounted a series of tank covers for containers in sewage works, both for cylindrical and rectangular containers. Such a tank cover can prevent obnoxious smell by encapsulating the vapour from the container or it can serve as an anti-freeze protection. Wanting to have a cover of the container may also be of a purely architectural nature.

The tank cover is normally made of an anticorrosive or acid-proof carrier profile, on which aluminium sheets or cassettes for closing are mounted. Such aluminium tank covers can be manufactured in such a way, that they can be stepped on or as an alternative, the tank cover can be made of alkane sheets in any colour required.

Furthermore, Danish Wastewater Equipment A/S offers a large series of machine components, especially adapted to the space available and to the atmosphere in the closed environment, such as scraping bridges etc.

Danish Wastewater Equipment A/S is at your disposal for finding a solution to the aspiration/ventilation of the covered container, including cleaning of the air by means of a blowing down of the evaporated air to process containers.

Danish Wastewater Equipment A/S is prepared to do the job as a total supplier.
The tank covers are manufactured with folding railing.