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Product Overview

KD 40 MBR System-Recycle Water-Technical Water

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We have designed a simple yet high-tech membrane filter. The filter is generally available in 3 sizes, as a single, double and triple module (-S,-D,-T) with a capacity (Bio tanks*) from ea. 3.3-6.6-9.9 m3/h *(at 10 g.SS/1.-20ᵒC). KD 40 MBR System runs using the force of gravity, which means that the installation, operation and installation costs are considerably minimised.

We can offer a test of our MBR plant at your treatment plant.

Advantages of the KD 40 MBR System:

A module consists of a frame, tubes and a filter insert, and is available in three sizes – single, double and triple. The filter insert is made of PP coated with a PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) filtering material.
The filter, which is a polymer filter, has a pore size of 0.2 micron!

Alfa-Laval Membrane Technology has designed the filter inserts.
The filter frame, aerator and discharge pipe (Permate) are made of stainless steel EN 1.4404.
The filter is enclosed in PP plates for optimal protection.
We will be happy to assist with process design, delivery, assembly and commissioning of your new membrane system.

Recommended operation cycle: 10 minutes’ flow, 2 minutes relaxation
Recommended CIP: Once every 2-3 months
Recommended pressure difference: 200-600 mm VS.

Max. air requirement, type S: 8 litre per m2/min.
Max. air requirement, type D: 6 litre per m2/min.
Max. air requirement, type T: 4 litre per m2/min.

MBR – recycle water as technical water – water saving

Further details can be found in the PDF file for download.

Component Images


FDrain valvesDrain valvesDrain valves

Dimensions chart – see drawing above
Single Double Triple
A 1620 mm 2460 mm 3660 mm
B 1230 mm 1230 mm 1230 mm
C 1460 mm 1460 mm 1470 mm
D PN 10 – DN 50 PN 10 – DN 50 PN 10 – DN 50
E 1 ½” G 1 ½” G 1 ½” G

Capacity at 20° (m3h)3,36,69,9Air consumption (Nm3h)74110110

Capacity chart
Single Double Triple
No. of membrane floors 1 2 3
Area of membrane (m2) 154 308 462
Volume in filter (l) 336 672 1008
Weight empty (kg) 352 670 928
Weight during operation (kg) 688 1312 1936