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Product Overview

KD 42 Coarse Bar Screen

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KD 42 Coarse Bar Screen is used for efficient separating screen and other items in water and waste water! Danish Wastewater Equipment is proud presenting new generation of high efficient and reliable Coarse Bar Screen, with following advances:

Chain is a special developed long run chain, with integrated rollers, each second chain parts is with holes for individually mounting of scrapers, each scraper consist of especial designed scraper unit with replaceable brass rake, rake is a wear part and therefore is this constructed for easy replacement
Chain support’s is in POM, which secure low wear on chain rollers and secures that chain-/scraper is in correct position, POM is a strong and high resistant composite material


Coarse Bar Screen KD 42-1 KD 42-2 KD 42-3
Screen width 50-99 cm 100-199 cm 200-300 mm
Slot width 8-75 mm 10-100 mm 12-150 mm
Bar width 8 mm 10 mm 12 mm
Efficiently opening min.: +50% +50% +50%
Screen lifter system 60 mm 80 mm 100 mm
Installation angle 75° 75° 75°
Installed power 1,5 Kw 3,0 Kw 4,5 Kw

Coarse Bar Screen is as standard produced in stainless steel Aisi 304, but screen can be produced
in other material quality if required. Screen cover for in sea resistance aluminum.
Screen liner is in material POM, screen plate bush in sinter brass, bearings: SKF,
gear motor: