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KD22 Grit and Grease Travelling Bridge

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Grit & Grease Travelling Bridge KD 22 consists of a complete travelling bridge featuring a separate drive unit, mechanical surface scrapers for collection of floating sludge and a submersible pump system (optional) for collection of deposited sand.

The Grit & Grease Travelling Bridge is a standard product adaptable to the customer’s specific needs. Thus the bridge may be designed for single or double grit and grease traps, and the submersible pumps may be replaced by a hydraulic bottom scraper system.

The standard travelling bridge is made of hot-galvanised steel. As standard all parts in direct contact with sludge or water are made of stainless steel, which is fully pickled after finishing.

The Grit & Grease Travelling Bridge is equipped with a bogie at each end which may travel directly on the concrete edge or on rails. Signals from end stop switches, driving wheel revolution monitor, etc. are sent to a PLC control unit which allows fully automatic operation of the bridge.

When the travelling bridge starts travelling from one end of the reservoir, the surface scraper is lowered and the pump is activated. As the bridge travels towards the other end of the reservoir, grease and floating sludge collect at the surface and the pump sucks deposited sand into a channel next to the reservoir. Baffles lead the deposits to the suction hose to prevent accumulation at the reservoir bottom.

When the travelling bridge reaches the other end of the reservoir, grease and floating sludge are pushed over a ramp and the surface scraper is lifted mechanically or hydraulically. At the same time the pump stops.

After a preset time the pumps is activated again and the travelling bridge returns to its start position. Here the surface scraper is lowered and after an adjustable period of time the sand and grease trap bridge repeats its cycle.

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Specifications Grit & Grease Travelling Bridge
Drive unit, make: Nord Gear
Material, bridge: St. 37 or stainless / acid-resistant
Material, scraper, pipes, etc.: Stainless steel
Surface treatment, steel: HDG
Surface treatment, stainless steel: Dip-pickling
Submersible pump, make: ABS
Bearings / -housings: SKF