ALTEROUS IS a regional market leader in charge of challenges of advanced technology solutions for various industry sectors.
Our in-house technical competences are based on our partnership with world class brands & certified and experienced personnel that have the skills and capability to offer 360-degree services right from design, supply, optimization, installation, testing, commissioning and aftersales services.


Founded in 2002, head quartered in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, with subsidiaries in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Our business Area

Applications oriented company, focuses on mechanical power transmission, water & waste water electro-mechanical applications, turnkey solutions, specific industrial applications.

Our Services

Our services range from projects planning and design, value engineered products supply, optimization, installation, start-up, and service.

Our Experience

For over 15 years we gain extensive experience and know-how on various industry verticals, mechanical power transmission products & Electro-Mechanical turnkey solutions.

Our Presence

Wide coverage and strong presence in the Middle East Region with 4 sales offices in 3 countries in the ME region

Our Quality Management system

In 2015 Alterous has implemented a “Quality Management System” compliant with the ISO 9001:2015 standard and was certified by UKAS.

Our customers

Good understanding of the market, with comprehensive customer’s database, and various success stories specially in Metal, Mining, Petrochemical, and Wastewater application.

Our Objective

Alterous chosen objective is to support customers in the middle east in achieving sustainable protection based on our engineering experience and our cooperation with leading industry players worldwide.

Our Role

Alterous sees its role as an integral part of the customer’s value chain.

  • Well established and widely recognized with excellent reputation and numerous references in the middle east region.
  • In-house technical competences on various mechanical power transmission products and specific industrial applications with over 18years of experience.
  • Good understanding of the market, with comprehensive customers database.
  • Wide coverage with presence in the region with 4 sales offices in 3 countries in the ME region.
  • Involved in the largest wastewater projects in ME with over 12 million euro in-hand projects in 2018
  • The largest universal shafts and gear spindles supplier in the middle east . without fail we work with all steel mills in the ME.
  • Involved in the largest drag chains projects in the region for cranes, ship loading applications and airplanes repair facilities.
  • Capable to act as a turnkey solution provider and a supplier.
  • Young , dynamic, entrepreneurial and forward thinking team members and company.
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