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Out of numerous possibilities of standard products, Alterous creates an individual solution, all solutions can be individually tuned and adapted to fit every customer’s need. With extensive experience and know-how, Alterous offers complete systems, components, and services in various industry sectors.

Our highly diversified product portfolio includes products and solutions for Metal industry, Cement & Mining, Harbor Cranes, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverages and many more..

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Cable Carriers Systems

Whether cable carriers made of steel, plastic or hybrid product – at KABELSCHLEPP® the conditions of your application determine the material. After assessing your application parameters we will recommend a product that represents the optimum in terms of load capacity, durability and longevity. The material itself is secondary. You can choose from our product portfolio of thousands of types between standard widths and individual millimeter grids – just as required.

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Guideway Protection Systems

Perfect protection for guideways on machine tools

Wherever guideways on machines have to be protected, we have a suitable solution. Our guideway protection systems boast a high degree of operational reliability, a long service life and make use of innovative technical solutions.

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Universal Shafts

MAINA has been manufacturing industrial universal shafts over the latest thirty year. MAINA universal shafts are able to fit the customer’s special requirements and design, in cooperation with all the industrial plant maintenance managers.

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Industrial brake systems such as drum-, disc- and band brakes integrated into crane systems and heavy duty machines offer highest level of protection during productive operation.

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Harbor Cranes Components

Wheels are used for positioning and guiding rail bounded crane and industrial machines. RFT uses exclusively homogeneous material for manufacturing (no casting). Therefore a longer service life of wheels and a smoothly process of driving will be the result without getting deformations or crackings.

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