Drive and Automation Technology

Today’s standard of living in industrialized nations would be inconceivable without automated mass production. Practically everything around us – from simple pieces of furniture to complicated airplanes – has been made by machine. Where once the focus was on simply improving quality, today individuality is something people take for granted even in mass-produced items.

In the era of digitalization and Industrie 4.0, Flender is applying intelligent technology to make industrial production more efficient, thus saving resources and protecting the environment.

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Gear Units

Here you will find the right gear unit solution for your application. We offer you helical and planetary gear units out of our standard modular construction system or as a finished application solution.

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Further Components

Our modular construction system comprises all parts of the gear unit periphery from motor bell housings and torque reaction arms over swing-bases and oil-supply systems to complete bevel gear sets.

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