Gear Spindles

For over forty years, MAINA has been manufacturing gear spindles, providing high-quality solutions for steel and metal rolling mills.

These remarkable-dimension gear spindles, with fix or telescopic intermediate shaft, can transmit high torques, with working angles reaching up to 3°.

Gear spindles are designed according to customer’s specifications and are mostly tailor made, creating the best product for their needs.

MAINA can provide different technologies for critical components such as nitriding and case hardening and tempering, with final grinding of the working teeth.

As a consequence of the demand of higher production and quality of the final products, higher torques, speeds and misalignment angles in smaller spaces, MAINA has carried out studies in the last 15 years, resulting in a new transmission called HISPINDLE®.
Based on the H11 technology, its increased performances are more than 60% higher compared to the carburized one, solving existing problems in many sites all over the world.

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