VZFH-HVZ / Spring force – Hydraulical, with lifting function

Storm brake / rail clamp type VZFH-HVZ, with lifting and positioning function

Application areas:

  • Crane systems
  • Offshore / Ship
  • Steel industry
  • Railbound hall roofs / gates

Product type:

  • VZFH-HVZ / Spring force – hydraulical, with lifting function


  • Positionierungsfunktion / Zangen-Senksystem

Product description

Storm brake / rail clamp with integrated lifting and positioning function. Patent pending.

  • With integrated lifting function
  • No contact to the rail during crane travel / Therefore no wear on clamping jaws and guide rollers during crane travel
  • No guide rollers for guidance the clamp on the rail during crane travel
  • Lateral positioning function for lowering the clamp system -(patented pending system)
  • Particularly suitable for fast moving crane systems
  • Particularly suitable for transverse travels / cross-runs
  • Restraining / holding forces up to 640 kN per clamp
  • Self acting in case of power failure

Functional principle

  • Closing by spring force with toggle lever system – adjustable by throttle
  • Opening by hydraulic-cylinder (Hydraulic power unit is integrated)
  • Hand pump for emergency operation (manual) is supplied (standard)
  • Automatically closing function in case of power failure
  • No loss of restraining / holding force due to toggle lever transmission resulting from e.g. wear of clamping jaws (permissible measure)
  • Limit switch position control system “Clamp open”, “Clamp close” and alarm signal “worn clamp jaws”
  • Position control switch for “Clamp is in lifting position / Crane travel is possible
  • Vertical movement compensation of + 40 mm up to – 20 mm
  • Lateral compensation for rail misalignment of ± 25 mm with integrated lateral guidance system during lowering
  • During crane operation all parts of the clamp are positioned above the rail system / Therefore no wear of any components during crane operation
  • Guide rollers for guide the storm brake on the rail as used at standard type VZFH will not be integrated into type VZFH-HVZ (wear reduction, reduced maintenance and follow-up costs)

Technical benefits

  • Particularly suitable of fast moving crane systems
    (over 300 m/min)
  • Strongly reduced maintenance / follow-up costs
  • No contact to the rail during crane travel
  • No loss of restraining / holding force due to toggle lever transmission (resulting e.g. wear of clamping jaws)

{{ Reparatur }}

Additional to own brand production, RFT is specialized in repairing storm brakes / rail clamps of other brands due to in-house production flexibility.

Rail clamps show wear due to the fact that they are in use over many years, which means they no longer have the neccessary safety levels required.

  • Functional analysis oft he rail clamp / storm brake
  • Renewal of the clamping jaws
  • Renewal of the bushes
  • Renewal of the axis
  • New painting
  • In case of extreme steel wear the construction will be overhauled and restored into the original condition
  • High-grade 2-component paint

In specific situations, the RFT can provide a storm brake as a ring exchange.Therefore the Intralogistics and safety operates smoothly and is undisturbed.

Please indicate your existing rail clamp type.


  • Special flange mounting
  • Special construction
  • Special painting of housing (Please specify RAL color)


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