Gear-oils for FLENDER Worm gear units

For FLENDER gear units with worm gear stages, the lubricants listed in Tables B-a to B-e are recommended.

B-a Mineral oils, standard

B-b Polyglykols, standard

B-e Polyglykols, physiologically safe


Note on the application of the lubricant tables:

  • The used lubricant must correspond to the quality requirements in accordance with the Flender specification. Base oil type and viscosity grade have to agree to the details on the name plate of the gear unit.
  • Only to make the choice of the lubricant easier for the users of the gear units, Flender recommends in the tables T 7300 products which have been tested accordingly and meet the Flender requirements.
  • The end-user makes the choice of the lubricant. Flender does not compel the gear unit end users to use only one of the listed oils. Decisive for the choice of the oils is the compliance with the requirements listed by Flender in the specification of the oils or in the BA7300.
  • With a decision to use a non-listed lubricant the user takes the risks related with that. As for non-listed oils not all necessary test results are available Flender cannot know whether the oil complies with the requirements listed by Flender in the oil specification or in the BA7300.
  • In a case of a claim the user has to prove that the quality of the oil in use is according the Flender specification requirements for oils for use in FLENDER gear boxes.
  • Understandably, the use of a lubricant which does not show the quality demands in the specification leads to the loss of the warranty given by Flender!
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