Band brakes

RFT band brakes are calculated, dimensioned and manufactured according to customer requirements. Band brakes are dry friction brakes and find their application in the field of winches and lifting devices (e.g. oil drilling technology, anchor winches systems and metallurgy).

In combination with the “Thruster TURBO Control System”, band brakes achieve fast reaction and braking times, similar as disc brakes. Therefore band brakes operated electro-hydraulically can be used effectively on rope drums as holding / safety brakes in hoist systems.

Application areas:

  • Crane systems
  • Offshore / Ship
  • Steel industry
  • Mining / Material handling
  • Mechanical / Plant engineering

Product type:

  • Band brake

Product description

Single-, Sling-, Multiple-, or Differential band brake
According to customized construction.

  • Braking torque adjustable
  • Braking torques from 100 Nm up to 10.000.000 Nm
  • Customized construction
  • Larger braking torques on request
  • Self acting in case of power failure
  • MADE IN GERMANY, own production

Functional principle

  • Braking by spring force
  • Lifting electro-hydraulical, hydraulical or pneumatical
  • Other designs on request

Technical benefits

  • Customer-specific system solutions
  • Quicker brake reaction in combination with the Thruster TURBO Control System (Operated: Electro-hydraulically)


  • Special construction according to customized request
  • Special paining (Please specify RAL color)
  • Thruster TURBO control system / Quicker brake reaction times of band brake possible
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