Caliper brakes

RFT Caliper safety disc brakes are positioned and direct-acting on the flanged wheel of the rope drum. The brakes offer additional protection against load crashes. Also in case of gear box damages and/or power failure.

In combination with the “Thruster TURBO Control System” especially for service brakes operated electro-hydraulically, simultaneous reaction times of both brake systems will be achieved. Therefore, abrupt and strong impacts into the gear box will be avoided. In addition, emergency load lowerings can be directly realized with the caliper safety brake.

Application areas:

  • Crane systems
  • Offshore / Ship
  • Steel industry
  • Wind industry

Product type:

  • Disc brake

Product description

“Low-speed” brake.
Caliper safety disc brake direct acting at the board disc of a rope drum.
Load crash security and protection ( also reacting in case of gear shaft fracture).

  • Direct-acting / Without lever transmission
  • Pad forces up to 400 kN per clamp system
  • Clamp varations on one brake disc (e.g: 4 x SCFH-4= 1600 kN pad force)
  • High and independent direction of rotation braking torque
  • Two identical clamp halves
  • Manual adjustment of brake lining wear
  • Lifting gap adjustable from 1 mm to 3 mm
  • The hydraulic system is completely encapsulated
  • Low-wear sintered brake linings as standard
  • MADE IN GERMANY, own production


The “Fast-speed” brake (between motor and gear box) operated electro-hydraulical (thruster) should be equipped with the “TURBO control system for thrusters” to guarantee almost simultaneous reaction times of both (“Fast- and Low” speed brakes) brake systems. Enormous impacts into the gear box due to different reaction times can be strongly reduced or can be prevented!

Functional principle

  • Braking by spring force
  • Lifting by hydraulic cylinder
  • Self-acting in case of power failure

Technical benefits

  • Very high quality and safety level
  • Long service-life / Reduction of maintenance and follow-up costs


  • Monitoring equipment for brake opened, closed, wear
    (Please indicate 2 limit switches)
  • Hand lifting via hand pump on the hydraulic power unit
  • Hydraulic power units are suitable for parallel operations of clamps
  • Special design for increased or lower ambient temperatures
  • Hydraulic system with hardly inflammable hydraulic liquid
  • Brake discs with hub or in flange-mounted
  • Console construction (Please advise requested clamp position and dimensions)


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