Vortex grit separator

The VXGR – VORTEX GRIT SEPARATOR essentially it consists in a system of mixing shovels inserted into a concrete tank of generally realized before the installation in the plant.

The machine can also be provided with a stainless steel tank; This version is called VXGR-T – VORTEX GRIT SEPARATOR WITH TANK

Once the gear motor is activated, the shovels create a vortex inside the tank full of effluent. This vortex facilitates the sedimentation on the bottom of the tank of the sands, also of particle extremely small (up to 100 microns).

These sands are then sucked out of the tank by a pneumatic said “air-lift” system, or by a pump sands; the machine can also be provided with devices for the separation and for the suction of oil and grease.

VXGR – VXGR-T – Theoretical flowrates

The VXGR series can be manufactured in Stainless Steel AISI304-316 (L), and are fully customizable according to the customer needs, but anyways we offer a standard range which can help the costumer in his final choose:

Standard Dimensions

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