Septic combined pre-treatment unit

The SAU – SEPTIC COMBINED PRE-TREATMENT UNIT system is a full costomizable unit for the pre- treatment of the wastewater coming from septage truck.

This unit has been developed by FLUITECO for offer at the costumer the maximum performance in terms of separation solid/liquid, keeping unchanged the durability, the resistance and the customizability typical of our products.

The SAU1 – SINGLE FUNCTION SEPTIC PRE-TREATMENT UNIT is the first variant of SAU and it’s composed by a screw screen in tank with a rapid connection “Perrot” DN100 and a spherical valve with electrical connection.

Once activated, the basket of the screw screen capture the organic particles and transporting them upper where they are compacted and then discharged for storage. The filtering zone, is constantly washed by water because the organic material could stagnate on the sieve, so as to reduce odors.

The SAU2-3 – SEPTIC COMBINED PRE-TREATMENT UNIT are the other two variant which offer the combination of two and three wastewater treatment operations respectively.

The operation is entirely similar to that of WAU, the waters, after the coarse filtration generally performed by a screw screen in the filter tank, stagnant in the main tank, where the smaller size of waste are collected by the transport and extraction screw.

The degreaser system normally present only in the SAU3 remove the grease from the water surface thanks to the blower grit/fat separation.

The SAU series can be manufactured in Stainless Steel AISI304-316 (L), and is fully customizable according to the customer needs, but anyways we offer a standard range which can help the costumer in his final choose:

SAU1 – Standard Dimensions

SAU2 – SAU3 – Standard Dimensions

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