Combined pre-treatment unit

The system WAU – COMBINED PRE-TREATMENT UNIT is the answer to the intrusive and too costly in concrete pre-treatment stations.

Our WAU3 – COMBINED PRE-TREATMENT UNIT is a “state of the art” combined unit of waste water pre- treatment, designed to fulfill three functions at the same time (filtration, sand removal and grease removal) into a single, convenient and reliable stainless steel machine.

The same machine is also available in two function version called WAU2 – COMBINED PRE-TREATMENT UNIT with filtration and sand removal or degreaser and sand removal only.

The filtration on the WAU system is normally performed by a CFC-T SCREW SCREEN COMPACTOR WITH TANK but, in case of special needs, the system can be supplied with a GTR-T, with a SSW, With a SMC or with a SMCH.

The work of the WAU begins when the flow of waste water leads to the tank of the filtration area: inside the tank, the water is filtered and the sands of greater size are immediately removed.

The wastewater, after this first pass, enters within the sedimentation tank where the finer solids settles to the bottom, and without a propeller shaft of horizontal transport (located along the bottom of the hopper) conveys the sand towards the extraction zone. In this area the inclined auger said “extractor” transports the sand out of the tub.

The screw can be provided with or without shaft, it depending on the type of material to be treated.

The WAU may, as described previously, be equipped with a grease trap system. This system works in two phases:

The first phase begins once the blower (optional), through pipe with nozzles placed into the tank, enters in action by separating the oily particles from those of sand.

While the sand a separate turn decays on the bottom of the tank the oily part, it rises towards the surface of the tub.

The second phase is instead performed from cart degreaser with scraper, which, along the entire length of the tank, removes the oily substances placed on the water surface and finally download into dedicated output.

The WAU system can be manufactured in Stainless Steel AISI304-316 (L), and is fully customizable according to the customer needs, but anyways we offer a standard range which can help the costumer in his final choose:

WAU2 (filtration and sand removal version) – Standard Dimensions

In special execution, the combined unit WAU can be executed to treat a flow until 400 lt/sec

WAU3 – Standard Dimensions

In special execution, the combined unit WAU can be executed to treat a flow until 400 lt/sec

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