Sludge cleaner

The sludge cleaner with screenings compactor SDH is composed by and internal screw conveyor and external filtration drum (wedge wire or perforated holes). The sludge enters into the machine and passes through the filtration drum. The retained solids are conveyed and compacted before being discharged Screenings dryness 40-45%. Volume reduction more than 70% SDH.

SDH Sludge cleaner is generally installed to clean the sludge from fibres or others contaminants present in the sludge before eventual dewatering and/or disposal.


Position Description
a Sludge inlet pipe
b Cleaned sludge outlet
c Dewatered screenings outlet
d Conical counterweight pneumatically actuated
e Filtration drum
f Compaction drum
g Screw conveyor
h Screw conveyor gearmotor

Inlet flow capacity mc/h with 3 mm and 5 mm perforation and with 2% TSS and 5% TSS

SIZE 3 mm 2% TSS 3 mm 5% TSS 5 mm 2% TSS 5 mm 5% TSS
02 19 14 27 20
04 43 39 95 60
07 78 54 102 80

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