DX Assist App

DX Assist App

DX500 reports any changes by means of an LED on the equipment, and the alarm can also be displayed in the DX Assist app on your smartphone or tablet. This allows you to react at an early stage before faults or unscheduled downtimes occur in the production process.

The DX Assist app is a tool for holistic gear unit management. It knows your gear unit and displays all unusual behavior in the production process. You receive a digital and mobile service logbook of your gear unit in which alarms are recorded. On this basis, you can optimize your spare-part management and reduce maintenance costs and costs resulting from faults.

Request detailed gear unit analyses by Flender’s experts and benefit from the gear unit manufacturer’s comprehensive application know-how. Or simply order your spare parts. It takes just a few clicks to go from the DX Assist app to Flender’s online shop, where you can order suitable original spare parts.

Benefit from:

  • DX500 monitoring incl. condition and alarm monitoring, alarm messages with information about the potential location of the fault
  • DX500 data download and forwarding for the analysis by one of Flender’s experts
  • Gear unit management of your Flender gear units, display of gear unit-specific spare parts, log display (last alarm message)

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