DX500 for predictive gear unit maintenance

Our entry-level product, DX500, already makes your mechanical drive components more digital. With DX500, we are the first gear unit manufacturer in the world to offer an independent monitoring solution for helical gear units in the low- to medium-torque range. The temperature and vibration sensor measures vibrations and heat buildup directly on the gear unit and, with its measured data, delivers important parameters for predictive gear unit maintenance.

DX500 reports any changes by means of LED and alarm signals in the DX Assist app on your smartphone or tablet. It makes your service planning easier before faults or unscheduled downtimes occur in the production process and thus increases the plant availability.

When you order the sensor, our technicians program it precisely to suit your gear unit configuration. You thus profit from our know-how in gear unit manufacturing and our many years of condition monitoring experience.

Due to the built-in analysis function, the sensor works independently. As a simple and independent monitoring and diagnostics solution, it is mainly intended for use with gear units in the low- to medium-torque range in all industrial applications. DX500 is ideally suited for helical gear units in applications such as bucket conveyors, water turbines, blowers/fans, cooling towers, agitators, aerators, dryers and many others.

Important: DX500 is not only used in new gear units, it can also be retrofitted to gear units during ongoing operation.

The installation is simple and uncomplicated.

Benefit from:

  • Cost-effective vibration and temperature measurement with app for gear units diagnostics
  • Optimized plant availability and avoidance of unplanned downtimes by means of predictive maintenance
  • Early fault message directly on the sensor or via the DX Assist app
  • Data evaluation and diagnosis by our competent team of experts

Flyer: DX500: autonomous diagnostics for industrial gear units

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