Disk filter

The DFH – DISK FILTER is one of the most technologically advanced filtration solutions on the market and is the latest step in a modern system of waste water filtration.

Every disc is composed by eight plastic looms with 20 micron filtering frame in stainless steel, and every loom is fixed at the central octagonal pipe.

The wastewater, once entered, fall into the discs by gravity and filtered by the frame.
The filtered water is collected in the stainless steel tank.

In a first moment the disks are in rest position (immobile) until their filter is occluded causing a water level increase into the disks and in the pipe.
This water level increase is detected by a sensor which activate the gear motor and therefore the disks rotation.
This rotation, together with the high pressure washing, cleans the frame by the materials which fall down into inclined discharge hopper which transfers the material to the outside thanks the dedicated outlet.

The DFH can be manufactured in Stainless Steel AISI304-316 (L), and are fully customizable according to the customer needs.

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