Internal drum strainer

The IFD – INTERNAL DRUM STRAINER is a machine for waste water treatment with interchangeable filtration basket.

The body is made are composed in stainless steel sheet and the internal baskets are maked in holed sheet (circular holes from 2 to 6mm) or in trapezoidal profile Wedge Wire stainless steel net (spacing 0.25mm – 2mm) that filters the water retaining, in the drum , the solid waste.

The wastewater once they enter into the machine , access inside the rotating basket and filtered. A plate welded to helix within the basket conveys thanks to the slow rotation of the resulting materials towards the discharge mouth.

The internal or external cleaning system , high pressure water sprays and removes all types of stuck material on the surface of the filter screen .

This system can be activated manually, or programmed to operate at need.

The IFD can be manufactured in Stainless Steel AISI304-316 (L), is fully customizable according to the customer needs, but anyways we offer a standard range which can help the costumer in his final choose:

Standard Dimensions

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